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5 Benefits of Vinyasa-Flow Yoga

  Yoga, that ancient 5000 year-old science-of-the-mind, first set-down in written form some 2500 years ago, by the great Sage Patanjali, is now a staple part of many Brits lives.  The many benefits are well-known and well documented and an actual embodied, lived experience to the 500,000 Brits who practice it regularly and at [...]

Yoga for Insomnia

  For many, this time of year can be extra stressful as we hurtle towards Christmas with all of the extra demands on our time, being unable to drift-off to sleep at night can add to and compound the problem and send us into a vicious cycle.  Your mind seems to be overly active [...]

7 day plant-based e-cook book

Happy summer solstice and International Yoga Day.  I hope you manage to spend some of this longest, lightest, brightest summer's day doing what you love the most.  I've been in the writing cave recently and have a brand new plant-based e-cook book that I'm delighted to share.  It's packed full of my favorite recipes [...]

Breath-work e-course

Breath-work e-course to help relieve stress and anxiety I’m super excited to announce that my new e-course to help relieve stress and anxiety is now live!  As a valued member of my community, I want you to be the first to know.  Here are some things you’re going to learn in the course which [...]

Green prana juice

Ah the magical mystical green juice, one of my favourite morning beverages.  I seem to be forever on a quest to find a new favourite to enjoy and I think I've found it in the Prana juice.  The numerous health benefits of drinking a daily green juice have been sung from many a webpage [...]

World Mental health Day

  Autumn well wishes to you all.  Tomorrow is World mental health day and the focus this year is on mental health in the workplace.  The latest statistics are really quite sobering: "At least 1 in 4 of us will experience some kind of mental health problem each year, with anxiety and depression being the most common." "It [...]

Online Meditation course

    I do love this time of year, as we enter the end of the winter season we feel the winds of change as the trees start to get their first buds and the evenings are lighter.  The full moon is also approaching so it's a fertile time to take an action or [...]

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