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Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing Sessions


Crystal Healing Sessions

Crystals have been used since ancient times as talismans and amulets, as precious ornaments and in jewellery, in beauty, decorations, and statues. Amber amulets of 60,000 years old have been discovered in the Baltic area and amber beads dating 10,000 years back have been discovered in the UK. Ancient Sumerians used to include crystals in their magic rituals and they made carnelian, obsidian and lapis lazuli beads in 5000BC.

Crystal healing is a modern complementary therapy and spiritual practice based on ancient knowledge that uses the crystal energy as a tool for self-discovery, personal growth, trauma releasing and removing blockages in one’s life. It is an energy healing modality that enhances well-being and supports people to move through life with more flow and joy.

The Benefits of Crystal Healing Sessions:

  • Releases blockages in one’s energy and life.

  • Restores the balance of energy flow in mind and body.

  • Balances the emotions.

  • Cleanses the auric field

  • Balances all the chakras.

  • Elevates connection to higher consciousness.

  • Increases feelings of well-being and overall positivity.

How it works

The crystal healing sessions that I offer are currently remotely via Zoom. A 15 minute consultation is arranged first so that we can discuss your healing needs.

This could be added onto your first session or arranged prior your first session.

”In a crystal, we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none less than a living being”.


Treat yourself, you deserve it.

10% off when you book 5 sessions