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Ecstatic Radiance


Ecstatic Radiance Workshop


Ecstatic Radiance Workshop Sessions

A personal journey through Embodiment practices into healing, empowerment, joy, radiance, and fulfilment for women.

Ecstatic Radiance includes 7-weeks of online embodiment practices including yoga, tantra, women’s wellness practices, cacao ceremony, Moon ceremony and crystal healing, all designed to take you on a magical journey of transformation from fatigue, disconnect and burnout and into your natural state of Ecstatic Radiance.  We live in a very masculine society, where we have learned that to get on and be successful, we need to learn from men.  This journey will rebalance your feminine energies and remove blockages from your chakras helping you to re-connect to what is rightfully yours – Your RADIANCE, your POWER, and your DESIRES.

It is completely possible for every woman to move through their blocks and access the ecstasy that is available to them at every moment.  It is a process.  One that starts in the perfect place of exactly where you are.

Course Curriculum

In our time together we will be journeying through the chakras (1 each week), and we will be covering the following:

  • Week 1 root chakra:  Our energy/batteries, connection to the Earth, grounding, stability, our roots and our yonis.

  • Week 2 sacral chakra:  kundalini, our erotic and creative energies, desire and flow states.

  • Week 3 solar plexus:  Self-confidence, dynamism and will-power.

  • Week 4 heart chakra:  Unconditional love for self and other.

  • Week 5 throat chakra:  Resonance, speaking our truths clearly.

  • Week 6 third eye:  Intuition, clear seeing and insight.

  • Week 7 crown chakra:  Divinity and connection with the Cosmos.

Here are the dates of our calls, all Thursdays 6 pm-7.30 pm:

11th March
18th March
25th March
1st April
8th April
15th April
22nd April

You will receive the recordings for all of the calls, so no problem if you can’t attend the live calls.

Bonus sessions will include:

– 2 cacao ceremonies
– Menstrual/Moon cycle workshop
– New Moon Ceremony for connecting with your deepest yearnings and desires
– Full Moon ceremony for celebration and emotional release (this session will include a powerful emotional release technique)

Homework for the week and an exclusive private members Facebook group for shares, support, regular prompts and powerful sisterhood community also included.

Cost/How to book:

The introductory rate for this incredibly deep-rebalancing, healing, empowering and transformative journey is £345 (this is the early bird rate available until Thursday at 6 pm).
For the VIP experience which includes 2 private sessions (1 at the beginning and 1 at the end), the rate is £475 (until this Thursday at 6 pm).

To book your place use the PayPal link:

In case you missed the Free Preview or would like to watch it again. Watch the replay here:
Access Passcode: 2R3Z+1?v

Questions, or need a payment plan?  Email me, or alternatively, book a 15-minute discovery call to discuss.

” Ecstacy is already within you.  You need not look for it outside”.


Treat yourself, you deserve it.

10% off when you book 5 sessions