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Private Meditation Online Sessions

The meditation sessions that I offer typically start with some gentle flowing movements or activations, sometimes shaking or taping of the body to help you ground and transition from your busy work/life activities and to arrive fully into your mediation practice.

The sessions then typically move into some energy work using beautifully created sequences to relieve stored, stuck and stagnant energy in the body and mind, followed by a guided deep relaxation.

The guided relaxation is performed lying down and involves a neuro-muscular release process that deeply relaxes the body and helps to relieve stress and tension from your mind and body.

The relaxation helps you to sit more peacefully and to go deeper during your meditation practice. You will also be taught how to sit correctly for meditation practice so that you can really enjoy the benefits.

There are many wonderful meditations that can be explored during meditation sessions. Often we use body and breath awareness techniques as these are very simple and yet very effective at helping to calm the mind and generate more peace, clarity, presence and awareness.

You will be invited to sit on the floor or on a chair during your meditation practice to suit your own individual needs and requirements

The Benefits of Private Meditation sessions:

  • Personalised practice tailored to you as an individual.

  • Ask questions whenever you need to.

  • Flexible – Book at a time that suits your schedule

  • Variety – have a practice that evolves as you do Cleanses the auric field.

  • Have space held by a professional to help you settle into meditation more easily.

How it works

Email to make an enquiry or to book your first session now via Skype or Zoom, various times are available to suit your schedule for private meditation sessions.


Pay in advance:

1 hr session – £65

6 x 1 hr sessions – £360

How to Book a Session

Call 07739 397377 or email to book a session.

” Imagine the entire world consumed by flame.  Stay steady, do not waver, as fire transmuted form into light.   The soul reveals itself to itself as Radiance”.


Treat yourself, you deserve it.

10% off when you book 5 sessions